stephanerd (emisteph) wrote in pub_gossip,

for the love of god.

this fabulous community has sadly slowed down, but i thought i'd put my words out into the ether and see if anyone is still listening.

i'm a marketing coordinator for an academic book publisher in nyc, working on behavioral science titles. a few months ago, a colleague of mine left, and we're still seeking to replace him with another marketing coordinator. until then, i'm basically doing the work of three people (2 mcs + publicity). if anyone is interested in hearing more about this opening, please feel free to contact me. i've been praying for many weeks for someone new to come on board.

on another note, i'm wondering if anyone here works in magazines. if so, what's your position, what do you love & hate about it, and how did you get there? it's a leap i'd like to make myself some day.

other than that...dude...o.j. simpson book...what the effin' hell!?
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