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Publisher's Weekly Meets Page 6

Ah, the written word.

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Welcome to the pub_gossip community! New York media slaves electric_honey and urbanroutine created this community as a forum for any and all discussions pertinent to the global publishing industry. All industry cogs are welcome, whether you’re employed within the deepest bowels or the loftiest heights of the media beast. Members may share interesting publishing-related news, bitching, or general office gossip regarding newspaper, magazine, periodical, web-based, or book publishing. Agents and writers are welcome too!

Ah, the written word.

Think Publisher’s Weekly meets Page Six.

First, some ground rules:

1. Be sure your post is somehow pertinent to the publishing industry.

2. Mention the names of your companies, your publications, your authors, your bosses, your coworkers, or your editors at your own risk. We want juicy tidbits, but we don’t want anyone to get into trouble. Keep it anonymous, and as professional as possible. Use your judgment, and don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see.

3. Writers are welcome, but please don’t post your screenplay/poem/Great American Novel. This is not a pitching forum. Besides, it’s highly unlikely that someone here will see it and insist upon handing you a six-figure advance. All publishers have submission guidelines – get them and follow them.

4. Career advice asking/giving is encouraged. If you’re in some sort of quandary at work, ask this forum for input. Alternately, if you see that there is an open position in your company or posted on a job board, please share it here!

5. Publishing is a harsh industry, but flamewars and cruelty will not be tolerated here. The moderators will delete overtly critical posts / comments. Besides, we’re all in this incestuous industry together, for better or for worse. The person you berate today could be your boss next week.

6. Use an lj-cut if you have a long, involved tale of woe, large photos, or the like. Learn how to do this here.

7. Please share links to interesting articles about the industry/its players.

8. Do not hesitate to ask your lovely moderators if you have any questions.