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suggestions? and a venting entry

Hello all,
    I hope all is well with you.  It's pretty quiet in this comm.  Anyway, I posted about a month ago about with an introduction.  I'm still looking for a job in publishing.  I have been getting some interviews.  I didn't get that production job that I hoped for.  I'm waiting 3 weeks now to hear back on an art dept job, and have an interview for a publicity assist job at another company.  I am hoping that some of you could give me some advice on the interviewing process.  I don't know how else to "sell" myself, except to be myself.  I have been pleasant, answered and asked questions in regards to the work that I would potentially be doing.  Am I forgetting something?  Should I even ask if I could have the job?

For instance, on my last interview for the art assist position, (for which they have not called me back on but supposedly were going to make a decision yesterday), the hiring manager basically went over the job description and what the day to day routine would be like for a person taking on the job.  I did assert myself and told her of similar experiences I had that would fit what she was looking for.  She didn't really ask me any particular questions.  It seemed more informational than an interview. 

It's starting to seem like they all have someone else in mind, even though I am one of the "first" candidates to be interviewed.  I am glad that I am getting interviews at least.  But I am starting to have some doubts as to why I'm not getting hired yet!  =(

electric_honey and viggofest, thank you for the previous advice and comments.  If you have anymore, please feel free to supply! That goes for everyone else too.  Thanks for all of your support.
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